DUBOND INFOTECH is a leading consulting and outsourcing solution provider. The company is part of a diverse business group with interest in industries ranging from chemicals, construction materials, ceramic tiles and construction.

Dubond Infotech divisions:

  • Consulting & Automation solutions for Oil & Gas industry
  • Offshore Software Development Center
  • Data Analytics

Consulting & Automation solutions for Oil & Gas industry

We have the capability to develop comprehensive solutions that tackle the most complex process manufacturing challenges, creating value and improving profitability for our customers. We have a team of experts in implementation of software related to Refinery Information System, Supply Chain Optimization and System Integration. Our team has proven experience in implementing the software of major companies viz., Aspentech, OSI Soft, Schneider electric, Honeywell etc., We not only implement the software but provide a complete solution on utilizing them enabling the customers to achieve Process Optimization, Value Addition and Supply Chain Optimization.

Offshore Software Development Center

Dubond Infotech has signed long term contract with CDA LLC, based out of New York USA. CDA LLC is backed by private equity and is in the business of developing, creating and making available to customers, via a variety of media, including internet, mobile and other digital channels, a platform with which customers may access, review, assess and compare the characteristics, offerings and benefits of various financial products in USA. Dubond InfoTech is an exclusive provider of all back-end support for CDA LLC which includes but is not limited to:

  • Creating and maintaining all product databases required by the site
  • Ongoing maintenance of current sites (hosting, modification, functionality changes etc)
  • Developing new websites and mobile applications
  • Providing analytics for optimizing the site traffic and managing SEO/SEM vendors

Data Analytics

We turn data into decisions and deliver exceptional insights to our clients from their data. We have a team with exceptional skills in mathematics, statistics, data management and problem-solving to provide a strong background for work that is often used for strategic decision-making purposes.Our rapidly-expanding client base includes Fortune 500 companies and is a testament to our success providing workable, strategic solutions to difficult problems.


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